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Dream a Little Dream

I feel tension in my neck and shoulders, and as I center on relaxing them, they, along with the rest of my body, fade away from my focus. I soon realize I am outside of my body. Its tensions, constraints, and divisions no longer exist. I am connected to something far beyond any form. Relaxation was the key for being comfortable within the body and without it. With this awareness of inner and outer worlds meeting harmoniously, I am reminded of my mission for 2021.

Matching my inner rich world to my outer one was something I wanted to experience and purposely set out to do. I wanted to open myself to share with more people, no matter how bizarre it all seemed. That was more about my appearance and personality being seen in a similar way I see myself and being able to express myself clearer and to a larger group. In a way that has happened but not what I had first imagined it to be when I wrote that intention in my journal. There are many layers to this.

On a larger scale, it feels like a dream coming true. Can we be paid to dream? Is this part of the new paradigm we are collectively shifting into no longer falling into the trap where we are told we are “not being paid to dream” or “dreams don’t pay the bills”? Philosophers and dreamers exist through many paths in life. This archetype is in our blood-our DNA. No matter where we are or what we are doing, this innate part of us breathes and lives on. The more attention given to it, the more it expands. This is the revolution of our day!

With the Capricorn full moon coming up on the 24th of June, Astrologers say it is a great time to remember your New Year resolutions and intentions and goals for this year. Time for the six-month review. How are you doing? What needs to be revised, rewritten, redone? Make necessary changes and take a doable, practical step towards it today. Take note of the blessings that have flowed into your life because they have a chance to grow even more than you thought. Watch our world evolve into the inner dreamers’ world to be seen, shared, and celebrated. Finally, given freedom to dream!

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