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Don't Do This if You Should

Getting caught up in what should happen happens. We have many shoulds to deal with in society and family. “I should do this or that” can cause a lot of pressure. We cannot always uphold these shoulds and maintain our health. There comes a time, hopefully a little bit each day, where we have to let that agenda go for our own. The shoulds can still get done, but as they fall from the top of our list of priorities, we free up our energy by giving our self more of what we

need to feel better. In turn, that provides more energy to take care of shoulds. We cannot be afraid of or feel guilty for putting our self first because everyone benefits.

Take a look at your to-do list. Do you have any activity that you really love and want to do on it? If not, I suggest adding that to the top of the list as a standing item. What would help you feel healthier and stronger? Keep it as small and simple as you feel you need to but take the time to do it every day. Enjoy your life a little bit more and see what happens.

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