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Diamonds Represent!

What’s the plan for a better life?

How will we know it survives?

In a flash, a moment, it dies.

What’s the motivation through the lies?

We won’t get there feeling stuck here

In the echo of an empty world’s answer

Searching for a flight safe from fear,

Denying beauty born from Earth’s layers.

We like to save people, all of us in our own ways, but the savior archetype can sometimes get out of control causing more harm than good even with the best of intentions. A way to safely embrace this role is to be very flexible in the outcome of our help instead of thinking it is all under our control and must unfold a certain way. We can choose to have faith that what we cannot accomplish will be done by another, maybe not in the way we want but in a way that is needed. We can only do so much before we become off-balance, stressed, and unhealthy.

Our part is to remain strong and stable without over doing, overachieving, overthinking, or over anything. Whatever is meant for us, makes its way to us. As we pay attention to what is in the ground beneath our feet and focus on the work intended for us, we naturally allow others to work their ground. We can start shining the stones uncovered by life’s pressures and allow that light to flow wherever it is needed in faith that together we create a bright, powerful light. It will provide a safer, clearer path—one that teaches others how to turn their stones into diamonds.

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