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Core Strength Matters

Core strength is not just about shapely abs, good posture, and a healthy back. It goes way deeper than that. However, these may symbolize the real shape of our inner core. When you look at the shape of your abs, your posture, and the health of your back, what do you see and recognize as needing improvement? That is not the solution I am talking about, but it can lead us to it.

The core strength I am referring to is about honesty, integrity, value, and love. It is about knowing our self well and loving all of it. For example, as I write, I question the words to make sure I am not representing any false ideas that I have just picked up along the way without real discernment. It can be difficult to decipher at times, but I still work towards integrity and truth. And as I do, I make mistakes and get out of alignment with my value and strength sometimes. Some days flow easier than others. Some years flow easier than others. Perseverance and acceptance go hand in hand on the journey of inner core work.

When we are on the path to this type of love where we don’t get stuck focusing on external appearances and what we consider imperfections, we begin the true work on the self. Our heart and soul are what really matter. Our bodies simply want to guide us to know them better. Look into the depths of your soul. What is your heart urging you to remember? Maybe I speak for you, as I express what mine wants for me. It wants peace to be exactly as I am at this moment. It wants acceptance for the work involved on a soul’s journey, and it wants perseverance for the more challenging times when I feel like giving up. Mostly though, it wants me to remember love—the kind of love that supports the truest expression of self. That love is already in me and you. Let’s choose it today and begin a core strengthening journey well worth taking.

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