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Collectively, we are experiencing Mercury, after meeting with Mars in Virgo, forming a trine with Uranus in Taurus. The possibility of this energy is to take ideas for forward moving action and make plans to carry them out. Think big, revolutionary thoughts. Stretch the mind as far as it can go. After these ideas explode and have a chance to settle into well thought out plans where we have assessed the details and realized the ones we want to do out of value for not only ourselves but others, the action step appears as Mars follows Mercury in a trine to Uranus. The step may be very simple.

Still not sure of what to do? The Sun in Leo opposes Jupiter in Aquarius at this time. These two are lighting and brightening the sky with clear, energized vibrations. Jupiter expands the possibilities, people in our lives, and ideas while the Sun focuses on what matters most. Be aware of all the avenues that Jupiter wants to open but feel the warmth of your heart to determine which is right letting the Sun burn away the excess and lead the way.

Meanwhile, Venus offers support making her way through Libra to trine the North Node in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius, then opposing Chiron in Aries. This provides an energy for meaningful conversations and valuable expressions especially between those closest to you. In it, find a voice that is your own and a way to express it that harms no one in theirs. This can bring healing of wounds that has been long overdue.

Absorb and take advantage of these powerful aspects on this step-by-step, or shall I say star-by-star journey. Either way, it is here for us to make the most out of our lives. The Universe wants us to succeed. Experience it in love, by love, and for love.

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