Aquarius Full Moon Discovery

Intimacy brings up opportunities and possibilities of healing our own soul and yet somehow effects the whole. Because we change and our vibration shifts, the environment around us becomes different, enhanced. Imagine all of us walking around in this enhanced energy! Unfortunately, intimacy is a scary concept for many of us.

The first thirty to fifty years of our life can be devoted to covering up our truest self. If that is the case, once we become aware of this travesty, we must devote ourselves to uncovering it for the next part of our lives which may require more time and patience than we have ever known. We stop listening to shoulds from outside influences to get to our own heartfelt desires and authentic expressions. We learn to be brave and dive into the depths of our soul. When we finally reach a place of self-love and acceptance alone in quiet and feel ready to move out in that strength to face others, we may weaken and retreat back into our safe place to nurture ourselves again before stepping into a world of reflections-ones that are not always easy to understand and learn from.

Gradually, we become more adept at the process, and we find others to interact with yet still we may be frightened by our desire to be vulnerable and open with them. By this time, we are dedicated to the journey of rediscovering not only our wounds but also our beauty and joy for life and who we are in truth. We are ready to focus on our healing more than another’s and better understand we are responsible for our own as they are for theirs. We are grateful for their part yet know that even without them, our soul journey continues.

For those who have left their eccentricities and unique ideas behind to fit into a society, culture, group, or relationship of any kind, take care. Be patient as you timidly expose the real you, the one that feels comfortable and clear. The one that shines through from the core into a world that needs pure light. Because you have chosen this path of courage to discover and express your radiant energy, you allow others to do the same. Together we create this enhanced world vision where we are all equally bright and beautiful in love, by love, and for love.

Full moon energy

Expansive light

On me.

Like a child

Learning lessons

Of consequence

Treated poorly

For you to remain

On your throne

I understand.

I understand!

For in this light

Too bright

To find us

I know

You are


Beside me.

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