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Afternoon Funk

I hope no one has a picture of me hopping out of bed with a grateful attitude, ready to start a brilliant, blessed, and energized day. After more than twenty years of deepening my spiritual practice, I am just not one of those people. Maybe someday I will dedicate myself to that. As for now, I appreciate my morning quiet time with coffee to get me to that place. Many times, my mind feels like it doesn’t fully rest at night. However, in the morning I have established my daily practice of clearing it to begin my day in a much more powerful way.

Not to discourage anyone, but sometimes that does not last through the entire day. I forget by afternoon and must remind myself of the love I experienced earlier. It is not a complicated fix. I could listen to music, sing, dance, walk, or simply laugh to help myself get out of a funk. There are times when I just do not do it, and I remain in a lower energy, but just knowing a new opportunity is only a morning away helps me sleep in love, by love, and for love.

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