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A Powerful Process for Your Best Self

The mind fills up regardless of our thoughts. It reverts to habits, patterns, and status quo if we are unaware, undisciplined, and feeling powerless. Good news! We are extremely powerful. That power can also go in the wrong direction and cause narcissistic behavior if allowed to roam into that territory. More good news! We have a built-in balancing mechanism to monitor our mind and make sure it is healthy for making wise choices not only affecting ourselves but all creation.

That mechanism is called intuition. We are led to it by our own heart, soul, emotion, higher perspectives, and inner guidance, but how do we tap into that? How do we utilize the power of our mind to better understand what leads us from feeling lost and out of control to knowing we can live more consciously and create a better environment for our children and younger generations?

The first real choice to make is to quiet your mind as much as possible. Be patient and persevere, until it gets easier. Start with five minutes a day to attempt to clear your thought patterns. Don’t give up in a week. Try at least a month to get into the habit. That choice will put you in touch with your powerful self. When you have discovered even an inkling of what that feels like, you are ready for the next step.

You will want to get to know your heart’s truest desires. These run deep so visualize, dream, and imagine the best version of yourself. What does that feel like? What qualities are present? What do you love in that person you see? Take as long as needed, even years, to get clear enough to list these qualities you love. Once you have the list, proceed.

A stable mind enables you to choose your thoughts wisely. Observing them as they come and go, you decide which ones remain and which ones need letting go. Which ones support your vision of your best self? Those are the ones to remember in quiet as well as throughout your day. Do not be hard on yourself as this is a strengthening process. When unsupportive thoughts sneak in and end up staying for days, be grateful when you become aware of them. They are there to make sure you are balanced. Humility is necessary for maintaining this balance.

As you work to fine tune your supportive thoughts to match your vision, you can have ups and downs, backwards and forwards. Even so, you can still share what you are experiencing with those around you without speaking. They will sense it in your presence. As you allow your powerful self to emerge, you allow others by influence not force to do the same. This is the final step that I will touch on today. To recognize your truest, best version, you have to recognize it in others, whether they choose to or not. You now know it is possible and can hold on to possibilities while you go through internal shifts and changes that effect your external world. The world needs this from you. It is waiting for your best self (not a perfect self) who is in touch with the power of the mind. Celebrate your success!

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