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Why I Hold unto the Greatness in Men

I see such greatness in the men I become involved with, even if they don't. Some call me foolish, but I think it is there, but I have no control in getting anyone to see it too because it is a reflection I am to see in myself instead of projecting it all into a man. If I view them as less than great, I will view myself that way. Therefore, I try my best not to resent and hate when my relationships with men end. Rather, if they didn't live up to what I saw, I have to say it was just meant for me. I am that important to love and must remember what I see in others, I will see in myself. I want to see greatness, beauty, love, acceptance of humanness and divine. I want a man who is willing to open his heart and mind to learn, grow, and share from his soul and at the very least sees the possibility of greatness.

Sometimes I must walk away from a situation for someone to remember that in himself as I remember it in myself. If I am powerful enough to find it in me, so must he be. I hold unto that possibility. I have to because I cannot take that away from him just as he cannot take that away from me. This greatness was not ours to give but was in all of us from birth. It is love. We may have forgotten it along the way, but we can remember it today. We can choose to see all that power it invokes in ourselves. It is still there and very much needed for us to take our rightful place in a world that has merely forgotten the importance of love. Take time today to reflect on yourself as a loving, powerful force in this world. Hold unto the possibility that we All have that greatness in us from birth.

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