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Where's Your Focus?

Take a moment to consider your worldview. Is it more focused on what is wrong in the world or what is right in the world? We are bombarded with what is wrong. I believe in order to establish the world we want, we need to shift our focus for the majority of our time on what is right in the world. And it starts on an individual level-very much in our control. That does not mean we ignore what needs to change, but without that shift in our focus, we will feel powerless and unable to create the life we want.

When you find you have put far too much time and attention on what is wrong and begin that descent into a self-loathing pity party where everything is wrong and complaining becomes your first language (we've all been there), open to the smallest possibility that something is right. Ask yourself what is right in your space-your little corner of the world. Start small. Perhaps you enjoy a certain smell, taste, feel, or sound. Getting the senses involved is a great way to focus on what you love about your life. It doesn't happen overnight but dedicate yourself and gradually, you will train your mind, feel the powerful effects, and your worldview can shift to the life you love!

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