Where oh Where is Stability?

Where do we place ourselves when the old ground we grew accustomed to is shifting? Can we stay flexible enough to stretch ourselves into two places at once? Do we need to choose between leaping to the new or sticking with the old? While structures that used to provide stability wobble and crash to the ground, can we cling to the bits and pieces that remain? If we let go completely and put our all into this vast and unusual landscape where nothing appears solid, where will we find our security? Will it be everywhere or nowhere? Can we learn to fly, or will we crash back with the crumbling remains of what was?

These are the questions we wrestle with and may overwhelm us if we try to answer them by forcing an old, familiar picture. If we want to remain the same, we look for answers to questions the same way we always have and figure them out, but with these questions, we must rest and allow solutions that help us rise from yesterday’s ashes. Faith is a huge requirement to make it through to the other side that is not even recognizable yet. We may not immediately make sense out of what feels different and foreign but deep within us lies an ancient knowing that waits for our acceptance and embrace. It holds solutions. When we are calm and patient enough to allow answers and weighted questions of today naturally unfold into right-minded actions, we have shifted into an internal stability, one that is needed as soaring through unknown skies becomes our home.

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