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What's the Point of Jupiter, Pluto, and Venus?

Jupiter is activated today—like it needs to be! Psh! But just in case, anyone got off track, Pluto comes into conversation with Jupiter to ensure we are diving in deeply, investigating, and turning over any stone that has been covering ground needing exposure. Turn it over! Dry it out! Let it get some light! Why hide it anymore? Pluto has been working hard in Capricorn to make this a possibility so that we can finally be free of systems and old ways that are not working and won’t lead us forward into a better future.

As Pluto retrogrades for the next six months, there is a final opportunity to look over all that pertains to and be better prepared for his trek through Aquarius and a whole new world. This has very little to do with technology. This is soul work—first and foremost. If it so happens that technology can aid in progression of a soul, then maybe, but it is not necessary. Once again, we must deepen and widen in equal measure so as to not get off balance. Don’t head for the stars and the skies unless you have done the uncovering—the work that needs to be done to ensure a safe lift off as well as a safe landing whenever necessary. May I suggest taking the next six months as Pluto retrogrades and get into the nitty gritty, down and dirty truth. This is the requirement on a personal and a collective level. Be brave, strong, and look things and people in the eye. Not to say or do harmful things but to say, “Hey! I matter! Here is what I think and here is what I would like to unfold.” Expression can be powerful when it comes from a place deep within.

The last of the last decan of Capricorn where Pluto currently resides, brings maturity and wisdom that we can all tap into and benefit from. Let’s choose to utilize these opportunities and the gifts they bring. Let’s choose to be sharing ourselves as we were always meant to and born to do. As we open up more and more and invite inward the energy of support being offered at this time, we can find that it isn’t as detrimental and scary as we first thought. We have support now. Not only are we encouraged by Pluto and Jupiter, but also by Venus.

Venus has been heavily influencing the energies available to us also. In her conversations with Pluto over the past year, she has offered a softening in an otherwise harsh reality. She helps us realize that love prevails no matter what. And it is the only constant in our world that matters and is worth holding unto. Through every battle, conflict, war, and strife, she stands up for love so that we realize its importance in our lives once again. For we often forget and must remember and constantly remind ourselves of the love that we all carry deeply within us. Otherwise, why would we be here? Why would we get so disappointed by life and the struggle? If we didn’t know that somehow, somewhere love exists in us already and wants to be released to help spread harmony, meaning, and healing energies from our souls to the next souls, what would be the point?

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