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Warning: Astrological Weather Ahead!

Being aware of planets, aspects, and energies is not to be taken lightly. You don’t just advance gracefully into the realms of Astrology. It is a process requiring dedication and willingness. Before anyone begins to open and commit to this field, please understand that your energy will be affected in ways that make you feel out of control. Unknowns arise like never before. Life will not remain the same. If you are willing to let go of life as you know it, even if it is one you dreamed of living, then hop aboard.

Take the delve into this arena. It is an experience beyond the worldly one that takes you “places” you didn’t know existed and you aren’t sure you really want to know them. But there you are just the same. What will you do when you reach that point? Do you have a choice anymore? I want to say no, not really. By that time, it is a little too late to back out. You either are willing to let go of your subjective fears and ideas about the way things should be going or struggle to squeeze back into that place you were or thought you were headed.

Astrological weather is more unpredictable than the storms we monitor here on Earth. I would like to say it is well worth the journey it provides, but I am not entirely certain. I am still in the process of letting go of my own fears and ways of being in the world. My guess is that if I ever say for sure it was well worth it, that I won’t be saying it to you. I will be sharing the energy of that vibration with you perhaps in the rain or the rays of the sun.

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