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Venus meets Mercury Retrograde

Sahasrara! In this love, I surrender to coherently write from all the thoughts that crowded my mind minutes ago. I let myself be led to what is next, knowing the Universe has a way of magically weaving a story out of bits and pieces. What will it be today? Something like this...

Beautiful people, embrace who you are, right here and now! This is your path to take. You want to make decisions and live life from your heart balanced with the mind. I know this because you are here. No path in life is without pain and disappointment so be brave and celebrate your individuality and the path you choose to take as imperfect as it all may be. Move courageously through the learning and the growth. There is no need to make decisions based on what will bring less pain when you are in tune with your heart and inner voice of wisdom. Your strength is required and important in this world. It is time for your heart to make wise decisions instead of sorting through a mind with a thousand thoughts. The mind speculates while the heart knows, but they can work together to bring you peace and connect you with true love of self.

When you begin strengthening that love, you begin to accept yourself fully allowing others to do the same, and we become beautiful expressions of diverse paths merging in a collective force based on true acceptance. Listen deeply to explore you and learn what resonates in your heart and soul. Take time out to care for you. Enjoy finding love within. It is already there waiting for your discovery. View the space around you in that love, and you will feel a sense of connection. You will meet your "Connected Self." That Self waits for your return. No matter how long, it waits. Repeat the mantra, "Love is already in me," when you have difficulty connecting. Because we all know life brings plenty of opportunities for us to strengthen ourselves, and mantras can help. If you interested in diving more deeply into the subject of love, I suggest studying A Course in Miracles, or reading A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson.

As always in love, by love, for love!

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