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Venus and Jupiter Ignite Opportunity

As Venus makes her way through Sagittarius and sextiles Jupiter tomorrow in Aquarius, promise fills the atmosphere. Opportunities expand to create, believe, fulfill, and begin again. Wherever you are in life, take time to step into a new vision for it. Let your mind roam free for at least a day to imagine what that life holds. Dream big and broad knowing that you have what it takes to make real what is important and meant for you at a very deep level of being.

Whether it takes small steps, many years, or several tries, the path you are here to walk on can be illuminated in this Venus/Jupiter energy. The first step is taking time to let it flow through you. How do you get in touch with your heart and soul? Art, writing, singing, movement, nature, meditation, prayer, dance, or any simple means helpful to you will initiate a very important time. Find the avenue that works for you and incorporate it into your daily routine for these energies to open possibilities that support the life you love.

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