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Truth in Sharing

Today is unique. Do you feel it in the air? Something new has arrived and with intention we can allow it to move through us in unusual but significant ways. Coming to the keyboard with a blank mind asking for any messages that need to be shared to present themselves through the tapping of my fingers empowered by connection doesn’t happen often. Usually the messages flow through my pen as I write them in my journal and then transfer them to the laptop. I guess what I am meant to share is about sharing.

There seems to be a difference between giving and sharing that I need to express. When we share, it is from a place of already having something, possibly in excess. We do not give up anything or feel lack from the act of sharing. When we give it can come from a place that is not truly a part of us. We can easily give too much to compensate for feeling like we have nothing worthy of sharing. I am here today to reassure everyone that they have plenty of worthiness and sharing to do. If I feel that way, then you surely can.

Sharing requires introspection and inner work in order to know what you have to offer. It requires practice, trials, and patience for uncovering layers and removing blocks that may take many years. This is a journey we can all benefit from on this planet. As more of us explore the path of self-love and discovery, the more the entire world participates in these endeavors. We will feel the shift of a collective that is destitute and barely surviving to one which has everything they need to thrive and share.

On that note, we have to be consciously aware of what we are meant to share and when we start to give too much. Suffering because we think we have to give borders on martyrdom while suffering because of what we don’t give can also cause problems. Sharing seems to resolve both ends of that spectrum. It brings balance. What I share is available to anyone who is willing to be responsible, authentic, and faithful to love within themselves while at the same time willing to be wrong about everything. May you enjoy a day of not having to be right, expressing from your heart and soul, and getting in touch with the blessing that you already are to share with all of us.

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