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To All Daughters

For my daughter on her birthday,

Strong woman, continue to choose what is right for you. What others choose is more about them and what they are going through. When they are not a match to where you are, they may retreat from view.

You are vibrant, adventurous, and opening to a whole new world in the thirties! Be brave, be true to your inner wisdom and spirit. Shine brightly in your authentic beauty. From that place of power, while letting go of what does not resonate in your soul, attract the matches-the equally vibrant energies-and let the love in your heart be multiplied by what naturally becomes a part of your life.

Enjoy these years! The thirties, forties, and on become more magical as you gain strength and love for yourself and let your light shine to bless the world. Just as I finished writing this message, a red cardinal appeared to confirm it.

Click this link to read Avia’s great interpretation of the cardinal meaning. Remember to move forward in love, by love, and for love!

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