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Thought Loosening Process

Don’t waste time feeling guilty. The cause of this can run deeply. We think our motives for what we do that others might find unacceptable, heartless, or selfish, etc. are always wrong. There may be a reason for what we do that we haven’t seen quite yet. As we let our inner guidance system lead the way, we have to allow room to be unclear. Even if we find we were a little selfish, we can do our best to correct it when we are clearer.

If you think life is not going in the direction you think it should, loosen that thought, because without knowing, sometimes these thoughts come in quickly based on a way we are no longer meant to travel and a path that no longer serves us or anyone. It is important to pay attention to each one and metaphorically do our best to loosen and let it drop to the ground to become fertilizer for what is meant for us as we grow in love, by love, and for love. Love yourself through the process!

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