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The Ten-Day Plague

I took a vacation from writing, enjoying nature, and even loving myself. My thoughts overpowered me with fears and worries until I felt like my head would explode. I had lost my ambition to write and instead allowed my fearful thoughts to plague me for ten days. It was not the best vacation I have ever had, but it demonstrated the importance of a daily practice of quieting my mind to let inspiration lead me. Being outside and taking time to appreciate what surrounds me has become necessary for my health and well-being.

Many times we are too busy filling up our days with activities that do not even matter. They are just fillers. Our minds can become clogged with responsibilities, frustrations, and future worries. In that energy, we become cruel to ourselves. Then, when we look at the world, we can begin to see an overwhelming amount of cruelty. We miss the loving opportunities in front of us that can make this world a much better place.

The Universe has our back sending us signs, symbols, and synchronicities through creation. It wants us to be loving, kind, and gentle to ourselves and holds this possibility open for us all of the time. Reminders of its loving nature are everywhere, but we have to take the time to notice even though understanding what they mean may come at a later time. Acknowledging and appreciating these messages are the first steps to better understanding them. Today, let’s acknowledge something surrounding us that demonstrates love and attempt to decipher its meaningful message as a reminder for us to love ourselves and look at the world through those eyes. We have a choice to remain plagued with cruelty or be open to love. Let's choose love.

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