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The Powerful Journey Through Libra Full Moon

Are you feeling powerless? Are you focused on others who seem to have power that you don’t? Do you think you are unable to access the innate power within you? Many of us are afraid of power because we know what it has done in and through lifetimes. When it appears to be at our fingertips, we can easily misuse it and rationalize its misuse. When our power is not first seen in its fullness and with a deeper purpose, we may become out of balance and use that power as well as others for our short-lived gains. We may learn little insights and tactics into it which can be disguised as beneficial and let it become what it was never intended to become. For instance, many of us manipulate manifestation by losing sight of its bigger purpose. When we manifest what we think we want, feel empty afterwards, and want more and more to fill that void, we are not utilizing the truest purpose of manifestation; this can become perilous.

When we surrender to a bigger picture first, find our place and part in the whole, and realize our importance to it, we can utilize manifestation or any form of power for the benefit of healing and harmonizing rather than hurting and destroying. This not only takes courage, heart, and soul, but also humility to realize we don’t always know what is best, we sometimes feel lost, and we have to rely on faith in a power far greater than our own ideas and what we thought we knew solely with our thinking mind. Surrender is not a one-time event. It is a journey we decide to embark upon. It is a daily effort and commitment of getting to know ourselves and our part of the whole.

How do we know what our part is? Where do we begin to know our truest selves? Today, with the full moon in Libra, a great way to practice is to listen deeply to the people around you. Listen with compassion and try to understand them by putting yourself in their shoes to see from their perspective while holding your own. If you have a different view, does it make you uncomfortable to hear theirs? Can you allow the differences of opinions and take time to observe your reaction to respond in a respectful way? We cannot control what someone else sees or wants in life, but that is not what this journey is about. Today commit to the journey to know yourself better and your part of the whole through another. This can bring up a healthy boundary that harmonizes and heals and puts you in touch with the power within.

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