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The Illusion of Neptune

As the Sun squares Neptune, I have been reminded of the possibilities for healing. Many of us take the view of this planet as one of illusion and fog, but open yourself to the spiritual help this energy promotes. Neptune comes into our sky to help us by taking those illusions into its realms where they will disappear if we allow them to go. Instead of blocking our vision, it clears it.

We can open to all possibilities and choose the most powerful perception when we are willing to accept all perspectives. In this world, we are tempted to choose a lesser one because of the way we view ourselves, but once we start believing we are a part of the Universe and its power, we can tap into it more and merge with it, aware of the wholeness it blesses us with. Whether night or day, spend some time looking at the sky. Let your senses absorb the atmosphere in love, by love and for love!

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