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The Greatest Pyramid Opportunity of Our Time

If you join with me, together we can create a stronger influence in the world. If we keep that momentum going and others join us, we can build a powerful, healthy pyramid that grows dynamically. Will you join me in the adventure of a lifetime? Oh, first you may want to know more details about it. What exactly am I talking about? Let me begin by sharing what I am understanding as my purpose here.

It is not my place in the world to harbor pain, suffering, and defeat but to foster rainbows and sweet dreams. Some call it fantasy, but I call it love. Love keeps me going when times get rough. I start thinking about everything I love and sometimes I have to begin with something very small. But that is not where I am starting today because today, I am talking about forgiveness. And that is no small thing.

Forgiveness is a huge part of love. It is not always an easy path to choose, especially for those who have had horrible experiences that many of us can’t even imagine. In my experience, living without it is miserable and accepting its challenges necessary. It is impossible to get past problems without it. Being fine living without it is a fantasy to me. There may be a lot of hate and wrongdoing in the world, but when we focus heavily on that, we might forget to remember the power of love in each of us. When we don’t understand that love begins within us as individuals, we lose a powerful force for the world.

You matter. Your thoughts and focus influence others and make a difference. Take responsibility for that. Replacing bitterness and revengeful thoughts with ones that are gentler and kinder can start this process. Believe me, I am sorry that people act unjustly, unfairly, horribly, but they won’t know how to change by seeing their hate reflected in our eyes, actions, and beliefs. We must do our part to influence the love in the world. If you have ever wanted to see a better place to live, choose to see the love in yourself every day, every moment, and every time, especially when you see hate in the world or another. Ask for a miracle to see it in the toughest places. It is not always going to come easy, but this is a journey I want to experience, I want you to experience, and I want as many others to experience as possible.

Even if you are sick of hearing someone say “Forgive,” and you just don’t want to give it a try, since you are reading this, give it a chance today because today could be when you influence the love in the world to 51 percent. I personally think that number is far greater, but I have been intentionally practicing redirecting my focus from hate to love for over twenty years, and I will continue this path to the best of my ability. Replacing pain, suffering, revenge, and defeat with love and forgiveness is the truest work of our time. Let’s build on the love in our self and give our support to this pyramid based in love, by love, for love!

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