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The Embodiment Process

Embody is an important word. It takes time. It cannot be forced. It’s a slower process than to intellectually grasp something. Today, with the Sun in Aquarius sextile Jupiter in Aries, we may really feel that embodiment process benefiting us especially as we look back over 12 or more years of our experiences. What have we personally and collectively been through and what has been embodied?

How do you know when you have embodied something? Perhaps one way is when it’s no longer physically present but somehow it has become a natural part of your life. For instance, I have studied A Course in Miracles, religious practices and beliefs, Tarot, and many esoteric modalities that have been very helpful in my life. They were prevalent on a daily basis at one point of time or another. Although I have not consciously included them in my daily practice on a regular basis for a very long time, they remain extremely influential and important to me, just as all of my life experiences have—both pleasant and unpleasant.

Once we know and feel something, we cannot just cut that out of our lives. Even when no longer physically present, that experience remains for us to learn from, grow through, love more, and help us to be our stronger selves. With patience, we discover what it means. When we are willing to learn what is truly intended for our lives, we can accept this helpful, longer process of embodiment as a life-giving energy that is a crucial part of our wholeness.

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