Still Accepting Myself

After all of these years, I realize I am still accepting myself because I was being hard on myself. I was thinking I did something wrong, reacted badly, said too much, and expressed too much emotion. So what! I did not try to harm or hurt anyone. I merely wanted to understand better. My reaction may have been passionate, but it really was acceptable. No one can tell me how I should respond. The idea that if I respond a certain way I will attract, be attractive, and be better at love has to stop. No one has to like it. If my emotions are too much, then by all means, leave. Those who are true friends and soul family won't just up and leave for good. I guess there comes a point when you just have to give up reacting any differently and hope that you are in the presence of true friends and soul family. And out of that safety, your reactions can mellow. All because they stay for it all, and you stay for it all. You stay who you are while they can be who they are. It is all okay. Nothing to correct, fix, or change. Change will happen naturally, not out of force. For too long, we have given up parts of our self to be accepted instead of embracing our whole self. We have gotten to the point of being brutal to our self trying to cut away pieces others frown upon. We run away from facing who we are and how perfectly we respond every time to give us more opportunities to love ourselves.

Today and hopefully from here on out, I am owning my emotional reactions that may well be responses by now since I have been on this soul journey for quite some time. I am honoring my emotions, spirit, passion, intuition, love, and logical heart. Emotional outbursts are allowed! I accept them fully in me as part of this human experience. My emotion and passion does not end in bed. It runs through me wherever I am, and it feels good to accept all of that in me.

In love, by love, for love? Damn right!

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