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Simply Feeling Mars, Jupiter, and Jays

The conjunction of Mars and Jupiter takes place in the early degrees of the sign of Aries bringing extra meaning to the beginning of a new cycle. We cannot know everything but like the Fool in the Tarot, we must embark on the journey anyhow. What feels good and right for our first step? It can be as simple as we let it be. Let’s not let having to sort everything out first stop us from a moment of pleasure. Look around and find something that shows you that the beauty of life is still here. Among all the pain, anguish, and even terror, we still need these moments of lighthearted joys.

Blue Jays represent today, laden with Mars and Jupiter energy. They are exuberant! Filling up the trees with activity, their message speaks loudly, “Be active. Have fun. Don’t be too careful. Just do something creative and gratifying. Enjoy the day and all of the excess energy!”

So far that is all I can grasp. I am willing to listen, open, and embody what they share but that wisdom sometimes takes years to unfold. I have to be patient while heeding my current understanding. My own journey is not the same as someone else’s. I may not be familiar with all the different ways and depths of struggle, yet I believe restoration can begin in a very similar way for all of us and the Jays are unto something.

As this new cycle continues to unfold and we allow comprehension to progress through it in its own time, we may not rid the world of misery, but we will know better how to face it with compassion and care. Today let the message be a simple one and begin healing the pain that causes complicated suffering. Let the message of the Jays infiltrated with the energy of this conjunction be a remedy and move through the day in love, by love, and for love!

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