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Saturn Speaks Wisely

Appearances may not be as they seem today. All may look peaceful, but a deep unrest can lie underneath. Issues that have taken their toll and can no longer be suppressed come to the surface in little eruptions here and there. Pressure has been building over the year, and Saturn turns inward to once again strip away what no longer works efficiently. Appearances fade into reality. He asks, "Do you like what you see at the core?"

Be aware in the months ahead of what this introspection asks of you. By October, you may find ways to implement them. Support lies in using time wisely to make informed choices-ones based in balanced logic and emotion. To get there, take time to learn, assess, and gain inner guidance on how and what to express to others. Communication is the key to your success at this time. Say what you mean while being respectful of others' feelings and mindsets. Make sure to involve your heart and soul in the decision-making process. If unsure, rest. Let the answer and best words come to you.

It is a great time to discipline your "voice". It is a powerful tool, and as Spiderman's wise Uncle Ben said, "With great power comes great responsibility!" My voice tells me to thank the Universe and all surrounding energies for these messages that bring wisdom and awareness to light in me and hopefully you also.

For more information on the Saturn retrograde, here is a channeling from YouTube channel Esoteric Sky:

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