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Pluto Reconstructs and Redirects Us to Love

As a damaged wall of my home is repaired, I am struck with the symbolism it represents with Pluto turning direct. Another symbolic event that happened just the night before was my daughter encountering some bullies. I quickly became fired up after learning about their threats and assaults and reverted to my way of handling those situations by taking on a tough exterior. She, on the other hand remained calm on the exterior but later informed me that her interior was not quite so calm although she was able to confront them and work through the situation with much better results than my resorting to similar bullying behavior would have. I was proud of her. Who knew the energy of this aspect could hold so much power? Well, astrologers knew. And I am learning that what they know has valid truth in it especially when we begin to observe the details happening around us.

This morning as I reflected upon the energy of Pluto and felt its movement within, I began to receive a message for the collective. As he finishes his trek through Capricorn, it is time for final deep dives into our psyche and soul to ensure stability and grounded mental and physical behaviors when approaching others. He wraps up his battles, tear downs, and divisions of old, worn out, and broken structures to rebuild individual strength with community in mind all the way. Being strong in ourselves does not mean bullying others, even yelling is not going to work so well for the upcoming period. We can turn all that mad energy inwards to take an honest look at where it is coming from in order to transform and transmute it into something useful and healing. These angry energies, if allowed to run rampant, will continue the same problems at a much more difficult level including mental break downs and depressions.

Today and every day after, be willing to observe anger, despair, or any emotion that drags you downward to reassess how you handle it and consider another way. Remember with perseverance, you are strong and capable of changing your way of thinking, acting, and living. Take necessary time out for yourself, reestablish your worth, and know that you would not be here on this Earth if you weren’t meant and needed to be a part of this journey. Care deeply for yourself and the wounds that have left you feeling betrayed. Let them be addressed by you in a softer, gentler fashion than ever experienced before.

Pluto has his sights on a new sign, a new world, and a freer life as he moves towards Aquarius entering in March 2023 for the first time in 248 years. This is the sign of our times. We are headed for those type of energies that bring us together instead of ripping us apart. It starts with individuals being willing to do their own work on themselves to bring out a brighter version meant for the entire world to benefit from. Know that the effort you truly feel inspired to make with your heart and soul will enable this joining of different ideas and solutions for a more fruitful and prosperous environment. Be the love you wish to see in the world. That is what Pluto in all of his reconstructive qualities begs of us to do.

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