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Peace of Mind

Tempted to think that once I get the details of this website more organized, I will be able to quiet and calm my mind, but I know better. I know how much smoother these tasks will go after clearing my mind and getting into the flow. Still, it can be very difficult to pull myself away from that thought. How do I release myself from the temptation of thinking I have to accomplish before I can feel peaceful?

First, just the recognition of what is happening is powerful enough for me to carry through my relaxation and clearing this morning. Setting my intention to complete the necessary steps one at a time without brain strain will help. Spirituality has a place in the technological realm. A relaxed and open mind will open the doorway to solutions much easier.

Second, I know I will need a reminder of my intention when I am in the middle of all the technological goals and figuring out. I can stop myself and say, "I release and let go, to stay in the flow." It's simple and it rhymes. That might work. However it goes, I always have the next morning to begin again.

Third, I don't have to do it all by myself. I have some great friends who are willing to help and have been. I can set aside my stubbornness in wanting to complete it on my own within a certain timeline for their assistance.

And fourth, I must mention that Mercury in Cancer is in harmony with Jupiter in Pisces today. That could provide some powerful mind aligned with heart energy to tap into. As I allow my mind to rest in knowing all of this, I am confident these details will unfold in love, by love, and for love.

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