Opposition is a Perspective: A Conversation between Mars and Pluto

Mars: "Let's go, let's go. Let's get a move on. Leo is looking good to me. Cancer just slows me down and gets on my nerves."

Pluto: "Hold up, buddy. There are still fears to reflect upon and let go. Situations need healing if you are not feeling stable, strong, and secure where you are at. Before stepping into Leo hoping for recognition and external things to fill up an empty space in your heart, it would be best to look within, heal, and share a heart that is full of peace and love."

Mars: "But I don't know if I can slow down long enough to accomplish all of that."

Pluto: "Ask for help. Instead of trying to escape Cancer energies, embrace the gifts offered there. Remember just a few days ago when you and Neptune were in harmonious energy and offered spiritual support for you? Try to surrender to that. It is still available, and you will need it for the long haul."

Mars: "Ahhh, yes! That felt really freeing. I gave up my frantic pace and went with the flow. Things went smoothly and my heart felt full."

Pluto: "Try to tap into that energy more often. I promise you will feel much better about what you express. Heal that home environment while I work out the societal one. This will take me some time. Home is the best place to begin healing your heart. You can make great progress right where you are. What you do affects what I am doing. Hang in there buddy. We all need your help to fill our hearts with love and compassion. It isn't about opposing each other but about working together for a balance in love, by love, for love.

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