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My Brain Needs Rest

Yesterday I awoke around 7am with dizziness and fatigue. I thought about resting my mind for the day but instead found myself listening to YouTube, reading, and getting caught up with mental activities. I thought about the eclipse happening that day in Sagittarius but wasn't sure of the time until later on when I was listening to K. Moon's YouTube video (link is below). It took place at 7:13 am, and I connected it to the dizziness I had felt earlier because it had lasted only for a short time.

This morning I got out my handy-dandy, tattered book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay to see what metaphysical interpretation she had listed for dizziness. "Scattered thinking" was part of it which I related to immediately. With so many energies in Gemini (the Sun, Venus, Mercury (almost retrograde), and the North Node) I knew I had been experiencing top heavy, mental overload and needed to release some of it. Gemini sits opposite Sagittarius in the zodiac wheel and between the two signs, we can learn a balance between letting go of over-reliance on our brains to drop into our hearts, have faith and belief in a plan that we do not have to figure out all the time.

If anyone is feeling this overload of mental stimulation, you may be sensitive to the Gemini/Sagittarius energies also. Remember to attempt to rest your mind even though it may be difficult. If you can, sit as quietly as possible and imagine all the thoughts cascading downward from the head past the eyes, nose, mouth, neck, and shoulders. Let your heart catch the important thoughts. It will remember for you so you don't have to fry your brain. Let the thoughts continue to float downward into the arms, torso, and the legs, diminishing and dissipating as they move away from your mind. Clear your mind as often as necessary during these days and allow yourself to rest.

K. Moon's YouTube video on the full moon lunar eclipse:

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