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We are the Martians of a New Cycle

There is a Martian feel to the air as Mars in Pisces, still in close proximity to Neptune, sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. Those questions, confusion, and unknowns that left us feeling stranded at least since March, perhaps longer, are now becoming opportunities for deep soul growth and change as we step forward into a new cycle. In a few days, when Mars steps into Aries, all personal planets will have begun it. The outer planets left behind—Pluto, Saturn, and Neptune—are making sure nothing gets through that needs to be transformed, cleared, or released. In the final decan of their current signs, they are dedicated to what is meant to be, what is real for the long haul, and what remains to be nourished. Only the real squeaks through without excessive struggle.

It isn’t what we think but what we feel that guides us now. This guidance is embedded in the Earth’s vibrations. We have to be open and listen to hear, smell, taste, see, and touch the signs and symbols that lead us into newer, cleaner energy. If we have faced the darkness of our souls and dug up the muddy remnants of hidden, secret, and unconscious areas of our lives, freeing ourselves from those struggles and burdens is the next part of our mission. The opportunity that Pluto gives Mars at this time is still going to be a process that is not done overnight. We must persevere when the unfoldment is taking longer than expected and we lose sight of its purpose. Although we may get glimpses of understanding, bringing that awareness into Earthly realms so that it makes sense is not always easy. Acceptance of where we are as where we are meant to be is necessary. This integration process can be tricky. It comes in bits and pieces and requires our patience and commitment and a flow between Heaven and Earth.

In upcoming years, Pluto will be moving from earth to air, Saturn from air to water, and Neptune from water to fire. As Pluto ascends through the air shedding itself of heavy, muddy Earth, Saturn with all of its restraints, solution-oriented processes, checks, and balances will wade into the watery depths of emotions and feelings that soften hardened edges we have mentally constructed. This can be scary for those not used to allowing feelings to be expressed and would rather repress them without realizing how they may emerge in unhealthy ways. Yet we must be brave enough to show and express them. And when Neptune reaches fire, depending on what we have faced and allowed to clear over past cycles, we may feel its burn more or less as it begins to work away remnants of the clouds and confusion that have outlived their necessity. No longer needing their protection, Neptune may transform drastically in Aries as it encourages us to do the same.

What can we do to prepare ourselves for this new cycle and all the shifts yet to come? It is really nothing different then what is commonly suggested. It is by staying present in each moment and taking life step by step. It is by avid listening to get in touch with inner feelings. It means continuing to release mental strain and stress through various means that appeal to us as individuals such as meditation, writing, prayer, dance, exercise, walking, sex, enjoying nature—something that feels right deep down in our soul. This may seem too simple but then why aren’t we doing it more? Our mental attitudes toward simplicity sometimes block us from the most beneficial practices in life. Let’s do our best to set those aside for a bit and feel our way through a day and as many days as possible. Enjoy what the Earth and skies with all of their contrasts and energies bring to this life. Our bodies are built from the same materials and particles. Let’s be aware of what that means, the power it represents, and the honor this connection to all of creation deserves in a way that brings harmony into our bodies—our current entity—and be healthier for these times now and always.

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