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Mars, Mercury, Saturn in Conversation

If you are feeling irritable and easily annoyed today, hang in there because Mars and Mercury together in Scorpio squaring Saturn in Aquarius can cause some mental frustrations that may bring up important matters but perhaps need a little letting go before discussing. This energy passes through speedily, but the aftermath can remain longer and require clean-ups and backtracking depending on your words and voice today. If able, give yourself some breathing space before speaking even though you may have something important to share. Rigidity and inflexibility are the risks of taking on conversations without first allowing time to listen to inner strength and guidance on how and when to communicate for the interest of all involved.

If you must proceed with these matters, attempt to put yourself in another’s shoes to treat them as you would want to be treated. To gain respect, be respectful. Speak from the heart and be a little vulnerable if feeling safe to do so. Make sure your words reflect your actions and life before voicing them because they have the power to decrease your credibility and integrity quickly.

By choosing words wisely and with pure intentions of benefiting the whole, you can reap rewards of a team (whether that be two or more) spirit that reverberates through any challenging times. Wherever you find yourself in relationships, work, discussions, mediations, keep communications clear and direct. Your voice is valuable and will be heard with expressions that come from your heart.

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