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Mars and Neptune Can Work Together

Last month was tricky, but in retrospect, I believe it was strengthening our clarity. If anyone was able to maintain a clear mind for any part of the month, bravo! Thanks for your contribution to the collective. Feeling how difficult it was, I appreciate your helpful energy.

Today, Mars seems to have me feeling a little more action-oriented even in opposition to Neptune and the torrential rainstorms we have experienced the last couple days. These downpours symbolize an opportunity to cleanse any remaining dust clouds in my mind and open to new messages and inspiration. Messages of forgiveness, love, and promise of better days even amidst stormy ones.

As September begins, I am hopeful that I am acting from a clearer perspective without comparing myself to what others are doing. We all have our place and purposes to fulfill, but at the same time, we are influencing the world with every decision we make. Therefore, I will do my best to choose wisely and as closely aligned to love as my awareness allows.

When I am unclear, like last month, I need to forgive myself so that I do not remain stuck there. I did my best and move forward with anticipation for a greater understanding of how to work together in peace and harmony. Who wants to join me?

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