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Letting Go of 3D to Live It Not Leave It

In this 3-D existence there is loss, and to heal from that experience we must connect with other dimensions. Healing does not happen on this level of vibration. The power to release the pain and suffering of loss comes from the same level as releasing the power of having to control everything. A higher dimension or an inner dimension, either way you look at it, is something unseen requiring faith that it exists. Furthermore, if we believe it exists, do we believe it helps or hinders us?

I miss my friend, the one friendship I hoped would not end, but things get crazy for us when we try to make amends, and so I give up control from another level. Here in this world, I am too weak to let go. It is tempting to take this challenging energy as a curse because it makes life unclear, relationships painfully ambiguous, and loss seem real. Yet, I think I will make it to the other side of these transits clearer, truer, and connected more consistently. I choose to view it as strengthening me, once again reaffirming the Universe is for me, not against me. We can only save our own soul. When we try to save someone else, we end up interfering in a natural process of evolution. That's a difficult concept to let be, especially when it comes to friends and family, but when we see their need to be saved, it's probably our own need anyway. After all, once you reach a certain point on this journey, the reflection becomes stronger-the mirror clearer.

I just released a block that I was not aware of having. My focus had somehow shifted to "what do people want me to say?" instead of "what are the messages I am meant to share?" Easy to get side-tracked and not even be aware, but as I watched a small sparkle from the sun hitting the morning dew, its full spectrum of color only seen from a certain point of view, I realized though small and slight, its brilliance had a lasting effect that I would be drawn to as much and as many ways as needed. Maybe this block had been part of the strong Neptunian energy and transits thick in the air and also in my own personal astrology chart.

How do I save myself today? I cried a few tears, felt my pain, asked for guidance from ancestors, shamans, healers, gods, etc., felt a block loosen, and now must return to the 3-D with remembrance to carry this inner knowing into my experiences and daily life.

Guided in love, by love, and for love.

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