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Let the Snakes Speak Today

Out of a million thoughts how do I choose what to write? How do I come to a blank page with excitement and anticipation not knowing what will fill it up? Today thoughts are extra. Through years of practice and dedication of letting my thoughts go to clear my mind, I now must have faith that the important thoughts-ones that help the most-will lodge in my heart to be shared as meant to be. l find myself pausing often in between writing ensuring that these are messages of love from deep within where my connected self is.

I attempt to stay free of labels as there are aspects of many that I relate to. To bring a general, universal message, one must bypass form for content. Form takes many shapes, identities, and personalities. That is a part of duality, choice, and experience. Yet when I reach this state where connection lies, I am past all of that and into content. That content is what I call love. It remains at the core of everything, but how to bring it out into a world in a practical and tangible experience does create challenges.

Today, I just sit in it without words flowing, yet I remain in faith that the words and the next action to take will come and life will unfold in a more miraculous way than I allowed my imagination to take me. If possible, join me in sitting still for a bit. At the very least, feel powerfully quiet today. Release thoughts and let your heart decide your next move. If you must speak, express from there.

Feeling that my writing was done, I stood to go inside from the patio and two snakes crossed my path. After the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini yesterday, they seemed to have something important to share about it. Here are a couple resources that seemed to capture their message: and .

At this time of rebirth, acceptance of duality within our multifaceted and diverse self lends way to acceptance of the whole. I hope you enjoy exploring the meanings behind everything in your day to create a life in love, by love, and for love!

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