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Jupiter's Request

With Jupiter in the final degree of Aquarius, this day is a perfect time to review what it has brought to us in 2021. With Saturn also in that sign. I believe it positively affected time—expanding it for us if we were aware of that capability. This expansion of time is crucial as we remain busy and have a lot to pack in a day. This expansion comes to us in our quieter moments to regain our strength, health, and to lighten our souls for the journey ahead to become more of what we value. As Saturn previously travelled through Capricorn, we had the chance to let go, release, and review our commitments and where we spent our time. We would have asked ourselves, “What activities our really worth my time and effort?” And many of us streamlined our lives into ones that mattered more.

Now, as it prepares to leave Aquarius, Jupiter wants us to benefit from the work we put into reducing our lives to what was essential and joins Saturn to aid us in time management skills. It is not too late to do this work. Capricorn season provides a great opportunity for another review as Venus visits this energy and asks us to get in touch with what we truly love about life and our earthly existence. Take time to ask yourself, “What do I absolutely love?” Do that, act on that, surround yourself with that, be that. Immerse yourself in love and value while Jupiter helps bring in blessings and guidance to gift us on individual levels that naturally help everyone.

Values and whatever we have carefully chosen to continue in our lives were not individual gains although many of us thought we were isolated and by ourselves, until now. We can see clearer how what we have been through has beneficial connection to All. As Jupiter enters Pisces, this will definitely continue through next year, long enough for us to open to the possibilities it brings to life. We will choose to remain appreciative, aware, and have an abundant mindset. Abundant mindset? When did that come about you may wonder?

With all the cutting back, carving out, and getting to less, how could there be more? Yet as you contemplate this phenomenon, you realize that it is true. In all of this planetary energy we have been graced with and opened to, we have become fuller. We are filled with what we love instead of what we thought we should be doing, saying, thinking, experiencing, and being. We have been privy to a little secret. That sort of life sucks! Once we get on this path of awareness to a loving life, we do not have a desire to return to that former existence. Although circumstances may seem the same, we are different. We handle them with a new awareness. Wa la! A taste of freedom!

If we are not feeling free to live a life we love, take a moment to tap into the energy of Saturn squaring Uranus today. If you feel helpless to change your perspective, this burst of electromagnetic power gives you a chance to shift it and wants you to get in touch with the power that lies within each of us. It begins with an internal revolution for the truth. Focusing on internal versus external factors is necessary for this force to be at its utmost strength. How do we simplify all of this grandeur into our daily lives and make it a tangible reality?

I suggest starting very simply with small moments that you love. Bring those moments fully alive with your gratitude. Sit in the sun or the moonlight. Enjoy the warmth of a hot cup of cocoa, tea, or coffee. Dig your toes or fingers in the sand or dirt. Get in touch with nature somehow. Revel in its magnificence. Be watchful and listen to its messages that surround you. Don’t expect them to last long but know that you have the power to choose them again and again and find pleasure in those little moments that will expand into fuller ones. Begin making the choice for a full moment that you love.

This approach to shift perception may seem too easy, but let me assure you, if it were, we would have all been there and done that by now. I do believe it can get to be an easier choice for all of us as momentum picks up the pace. It will become this heartfelt, powerful, and healing experience that we understand better to be the one that will bring us to a deeper love and acceptance of self, which will in turn allow us to love and accept one another. Jupiter asks that you be the love you wish to see in the world!

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