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It's Not a Secret Anymore

As the Sun sextiles Pluto today, shining its light on all that we have been digging up for decades, it reveals some truth that is not frightening as we may have feared but powerfully resurrecting. Many of us had buried this deeply and hid it from ourselves for years, mainly because we were taught it was arrogant and selfish. We were conditioned to think it was not something we could retrieve by ourselves. Someone else could do a much better job than we could, and we had to find the perfect person to help uncover it. We searched and found what we thought would work according to the world. But when Pluto trekked through Scorpio in the 80’s and 90’s, we became aware of something missing. We knew our lives were not based on truth. We were not happy with what society viewed as the norm and discontent with the roles we had been assigned that we were misled to believe would make us happy and fulfilled. All this discovery merely began an archeological dig to find our buried treasure.

As Pluto entered Sagittarius in 1995, we headed out for exploration of our individuality and belief systems, but we were focused on what popped up out of the dirt to the surface and appeared in form as if by magic. We concentrated heavily on an external world, still refusing to dig deeply into the ground. Although we had fun and excitement, there were warning signs that this would not have lasting value. We had been on a hunt for buried treasure we thought external, but the years ahead would attempt to redirect us to the internal.

When Pluto hit Capricorn in 2008, it was our chance to become real as tough lessons began. We went back to survival mode to uncover more of what Pluto had brought up in Scorpio. This period took us deeply into lessons we needed to rediscover decades of buried goods. We dug a little deeper, hibernated, and dug some more. We were on a mission to get beneath the lies. Many of us felt alone and isolated as we attempted to be independent and strengthen ourselves for the long haul. We struggled to be what we wanted and make it through successfully. It was not easy. We got a little lost in the rough and harshness of the world and forgot how to be gentle with ourselves on this journey. If we had not loved ourselves so deeply, we might have given up.

Now, we have stumbled upon the truth, the secret that has been buried—the love we have inside of us already. It is time to be kind and gentle to ourselves. It is not selfishness, ego, or arrogance that we find beneath the dirt. What lies beneath has grown roots in love as we have been nourishing and caring for ourselves. Resurrect that love today and honor it instead of hiding it away. Let the secret out. Today, as the Sun shines its light on Pluto, allow self-love, once buried and hidden, to be the greatest treasure for living your authentic, beautiful, and brightest life.

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