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In Love, By Love, For Love

No matter what you say or do, I am love—so are you. The only thing we are here to improve is our perception of that love. A loving vibration heals, protects, values and can only be disrupted by our own perception. It takes clearing of illusion, conditions, the way it was, and the way it is going to be to keep perception as sharp as possible. How do I clear it? With lots of practice to stay open, nonjudgmental, and listen with integrity to family, friends, and those close to me.

My goal is Truth. When conflict arises and reactions occur, I must see it as a learning experience and stop condemning myself or another for it. This is not an easy, over-night task. It calls for much compassion while keeping in mind my truest values and upholding them throughout any conflict. What is important and valuable? That takes getting to know oneself. When it feels like love is lacking in my life, I am not taking the time to get to know myself, my values, and clear my perception. I am looking for all the wrong while disregarding all that is right. I am not making the effort to heal wounds and shift perceptions that harm. I am not in touch with the love already in me.

Start small. Start somewhere. Just start. Does that sound too simple? That is a ploy of our misinformed egoic mind to detain us from leaving old perceptions behind. This misinformed ego loves our company. It wants to keep us just the way we are, afraid of loneliness, desertion, and change. The true meaning of love has been tampered with. Yes, the ego can rule us by love that has been mistaught. If our ego is that in love with us, it can eventually be a supporter for our happiness and peace. We now must work even in the tiniest ways to let our perceptions be healed for the Truth about love.

Every day there has to be something beautiful in my life that I may have to search for but even spending time looking for it shows what I want and value. I may have to put in time, effort, and energy to really believe and feel the possibility of beauty. I may need to become aware of it in the smallest, most minute detail. Paying attention to those can shift my perception and bring in joy when I need support. I work to believe that the Universe wants to bring more beautiful moments into my life and expand on the details I choose to cherish.

I am currently working on believing I am always going to be taken care of and have my needs met. This is not the first time I have been working on this belief, but apparently, I need to strengthen it to carry that belief through these challenging times. Others have done it. I am not the first to do this work, and I will not be the last. I am a part of this progression. I must be willing to continue the work towards Truth and bringing peace and joy in this life. If I am strong enough, so are you.

Each one of us is here on purpose to fill a place that only we can fill, individually and collectively. It takes commitment and perseverance—the most important work we will ever do. I have had other plans for my life, but this writing has become the most important part of it. Something compels me to write. I could not come up with this entirely on my own. A connection I tap into leads me. It is always available depending on my willingness to clear and listen. I must continue to be brave, knowing I am not alone. I do not want to go back to forgetting about this powerful energy in my life, but where it leads next is what I work to stay open to. The work continues the deeper I go. It has been a wild ride with bits and pieces coming together to build a stronger version of me that is truer than I have ever known, and I am grateful to be where I am in love, by love, for love.

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