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Sometimes you want to feel a feeling, express it, and just acknowledge its existence. Today that feeling is directionless. The mind wants to come to the rescue to resolve this feeling and be done with it. We have been taught to listen to the thinking mind more than we have been encouraged to value our feelings. We tend to follow what our mind tells us to do and not give much consideration to emotion. When given time to listen, contemplate, and integrate our emotions with our thoughts, much wiser and lasting solutions are allowed to emerge.

As the Sun in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus at 15 degrees, we are halfway through the changes, disruptions, and unknowns that have plagued us. Many are exhausted and halfway through does not sound appealing at all. At this point though, it can be a great time to look at what we have done to ensure a sturdy foundation in our lives. This is not just in a physical manner but also includes spiritual, mental, emotional, and psychological. Looking as far back as 2018 when Uranus first entered Taurus, what has been going on for you? What has strengthened, what might need more attention, and where do you want to set intentions and focus to move forward?

Taking an honest assessment of our personal lives and allowing time for integrating our emotions and thoughts, helps us set heart-felt intentions that motivate us. The next half of Uranus in Taurus can be about building on that momentum. Although many changes may still occur, we can feel up to the challenge with our passion and determination.

On a directionless day, all that is meant to be will be. Even then. Perhaps slower—something we are seldom comfortable with—but still it will be. The planets align for it. Most of us have been taught that it is crazy to wait for them to do that. Could it be the other way around? Maybe it is crazier not to wait for them. Let our Souls lead us through this half-time day. Soulful music, dance, and activity our perfect for this nonpractical feeling.

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