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Time to say goodbye. Old ways, recycled paths, and energies that weigh us down are all ready to leave and open up a space for something new. It's been a long, arduous journey that we thought would have been over long before now, but there were little remnants along the pathways that needed refinement—details to check down to the nitty gritty. We may still be involved in those final examinations and yet, we seem to realize their finality more than ever. We may not even be able to judge how long this investigative part will take, but at this point we are willing to do the work that is necessary.

Of course, this time is reflected in the planets. Pluto in the final decan of Capricorn, is slowly churning through wanting to make sure we transform every bit that we have covered in at least one area of our lives for the past fourteen years. Look back, visit the past, examine what is meaningful enough to carry forward, what needs our alchemist touch, and what is unhealthy to continue. Venus standing across the sky from this energy over the past few weeks, has brought opportunities to get to the heart of these matters and know what means the most. As Mars moves through Taurus, he has given us motivation to make change happen even if it disrupts and causes us to head in a completely new direction. And Mercury in Virgo helps us deal with all the details as our minds sort through them. While the Sun and the Moon go about their monthly cycles, we can always benefit from the flow of their releasing and expanding energies.

Make time to bond with nature and its messages telling us how important our part is in this journey to a new beginning. Absorb the current vibrations and energies to feel their powerful assistance because life can be difficult and challenging. We need all the help we can get. It's there for us yet up to us to prioritize it into our lives on a daily basis. The Universe is ready to bring in new and fresh energy. It wants to share hope and meaning with us. It is time to make room in our hearts and listen through them to its wisdom. Goodbye to old ways of being for a more powerful, healing, and especially loving existence!

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