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Goals and Intentions are Different

With the new moon coming up tomorrow there is a lot of talk about setting intentions, but what are they exactly? I have a few things to say about them.

  1. Intentions are different from goals, but many of us treat them like we would a goal.

  2. Goals are specific and time-oriented and can lead to feelings of failure. Intentions are vast and open to the time it takes and allow us to come from a gentler place.

  3. With Intentions you don't plan the details of how, you let a higher power do that for you and remain open to the possibilities.

  4. When setting intentions, it helps to center yourself and listen to your heart, not just your head.

  5. When it comes to making money, losing weight, or completing a task, set goals. When it comes to love, healing, and expressing creativity, intend with all your heart and then let go, knowing the Universe has a great plan.

  6. Intentions mean flexibility and less control but also strength and a sense of something much more powerful happening in your life.

  7. Since intentions come from the heart, it may take years and many unpeeled layers to reveal what you truly want.

  8. Once in a while, when prompted, revisit your intentions to see how they are unfolding. Be open and appreciate the journey. If you are hard on yourself, consider that you may have attached a goal to the intention.

  9. A great place to start may be to ask yourself, what kind of life would I love to be living and what step/s can I take in that direction? You may want to write out what comes to you, paint or draw a picture, or come up with a ritual that works for you.

  10. Intentions are a win/win because no matter what the outcome, you gain just by doing them.

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