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From Self-Doubt to Greatness

Self-doubt can be debilitating, and it runs rampant through our society. Chiron in Aries sextiles Mars in Gemini bringing that up for attention today. Much of the doubt is based in what we are told greatness is by others. How do you define it? Mars wants you to get on a very personal level. Dig deep into your heart and soul, your immediate surroundings, and with those closest to you. What makes you really feel this? Think of something and then check in with your heart to see how it feels. Does it resonate with that thought? If not, try again with a simpler answer until you feel your heart backing it up.

What does it mean to feel greatness in your life? It may be as simple as spending time listening to a friend or planning a day with your child. It is a good day to contemplate this. Throughout life, this is a helpful question to ask ourselves and check in to see if we are fulfilling that feeling enough or if we may need to make some changes in order to make that greatness a personal statement that can soothe our wounds of doubt in our ability to be great.

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