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From Disconnection to Connection

Waiting for connection requires patience and perseverance when we have been lost in the little distractions of life. Are the processes of getting to that state and the state itself equally important? We often hear that we are to enjoy the process and let go of the outcome. Yet, if we get stuck in a process, we can end up getting dizzy, spinning out of control, and losing sight of any ground or light. Creativity evades us and hope for a way out of what feels like an endless cycle can fade. At that point, patiently waiting and caring for oneself through it all is crucial for mental, physical, and emotional health.

Having a routine that reminds me of how to get back to that connected state has helped. My morning routine consists of emptying a cup of coffee while I release my overloaded mind and any tension in my body and then clearing the Chakras-Root to Crown. It has taken me years to establish this routine, but I am thankful that I stuck with it. Through it, my head rests, my heart opens, and the energies flow through me. This time opens me to stability, gratitude, and creativity. I do my best to write from a place of connection to be a reminder of love. I attempt to move beyond mere thoughts and perspectives to a deep center where I can bring more peace and acceptance to the world. It is not always possible to not let my own beliefs and understanding distract me and that is why I ask you to be discerning when reading. Only take in what stirs your heart and soul.

Today, as Venus moves into Cancer where her heart can open, feel safe, and express herself well, we can also strengthen our creative routines to feel the power of connection. A few days after that, Mars will roar into Leo, and we will benefit from this time today. We will have a better idea of how to move forward having taken this time to tune into our heart. If you have been a little lost in your head these past several days, this can be a powerful time to reconnect the mind and the heart in a way that you love.

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