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Finding the One

What if it were true about finding the one? Only, we assigned a whole different meaning to its intended purpose, and years later, finding the one became a fairytale instead of its true purpose of finding yourself? Some of us, especially those with a heavy Neptunian influence in their natal charts and transits, went with the fairytale. We loved romance, attraction, chemistry, sex, and love, but we didn't really love ourselves that much. We weren't told or taught to and grew up thinking it was vain.

Let the chase begin! To find another to love us was a challenge. We had flaws that were hidden, mainly from our self. Sometimes, they were only flaws in someone else's eyes, and we believed them because they were older, supposedly wiser. However we learned, these were hidden. As we hid a part of ourselves away, our world became unreal. We became what we thought we should-searching for what we thought we should. Instead of finding all the love and romance of a fairytale, love evaded us as we ran from person to person. We weren't getting it. We weren't remembering who the one was. We asked for help.

Enter twin flames. When we meet ours, we are ready to meet our self. This is the gift they bring to us, and what we truly needed help with. It is wise to remember they are a reflection of our projection. All that is meant to do here is accept ourselves fully. We may have already begun the process of self-love, and we can continue this with or without the physical presence of a twin flame. It isn't necessary to be romantically involved or marry them. That is a misconception of Union. The union of divine feminine and divine masculine happens within each of us. A twin flame reminds us to look within to accept all that lies in us. This gift is greater than a fairytale. Loving our self is the only way to love.

We have gifts to offer the world exactly as we are. Once we touch on that power within and our energies intertwine into a dance of passionate self-expression and acceptance, reflections of this power begin to be seen everywhere. We steadily become real in love, by love, for love of our true self, the one we have been searching for. The one that has been within us all the time.

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