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Fear or Faith?

Fear comes in when we think something must turn out a certain way-in our eyes, the right way. We can start to stress about doing everything perfectly to ensure our intended goal. Stress can be debilitating and even sabotage our efforts towards our desired outcome. With only so much control over what happens, we can prepare to the best of our ability and still not have an event turn out the way we planned and wanted. Once we have made the effort to do our part as best as we can without over stressing, there is something else we can do; Stay open to whatever outcome as being the right one for our lives.

When something does not turn out like we hoped, we may freak out about it, but we also have to stay open for another way to open up. Although something may appear to be perfect for us, do we always know it is? I believe that somewhere deep inside we have the answers we need to move in the direction we are meant to. We can be in tune to that knowing place inside of us, but many times, we just are not able to access that wisdom. When that is the case, faith instead of fear can help. Do we want to have faith in a benevolent Universe that will provide the next step when we are unable to see it, or do we want to let fear take over and frantically react to something that didn't go as planned? That is our choice.

Intentions can help instill that choice for faith. Intentions that are aligned with who we are and what we truly want in our heart and soul, to begin with, will sort out many options that are not a fit and then, will help us see (perhaps at a future time) that something was not the best option. Let's not underestimate the power of intentions and give them the attention, time, and energy they deserve to help create the life we love. For more about intentions, please read a previous blog. Here is the link.

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