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Examine the Elements

Letting go of destructive patterns isn’t done overnight. Just because we intellectually grasp the issue does not necessarily release what has been ingrained in us over time. Emotional, mental, and physical habits can cause destructive blocks in our psyche, mind, and body if not willingly faced for honest assessment. Uprooting a pattern is no light task. This all takes time to unwind and unravel. With mindfulness, accountability, determination, commitment, and perseverance, we embark on the process of releasing and letting go.

Though what we experience may not be totally our fault, accepting that we are here to free ourselves of any indoctrinated patterns is helpful. This view can give us hope that we have the strength and power to overcome whatever we are meant to at the deepest level possible. This takes willingness to continually let go of expectations and blame when outcomes are not what we imagined them to look, feel, or be. When we expect our efforts, ideas, and endeavors to reach a certain conclusion, we have lost sight of our feet upon this earth meant to tread through dirt, mud, water, and snow, but also fields, flowers, grasses, and moss.

The deeper we get, due to lack of visibility, the slower the process appears. However, this slowing down is purposefully making beneficial progress. Although it may be more intangible than when we first began the journey, it is still powerfully transforming. In its quiet depths, we can find value in each element of our existence. We can then ask, “What do I choose to bring to this moment?” In that question lies our true power.

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