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Crows Caw Messages of Love

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Sometimes, it takes three days to get back to love in myself. It may take longer for me to even realize that I have once again walked away from the love in me, but there is always something or someone to remind me, and when made aware, that is when the three days kick in.

About a week ago, I ran from two crows as if I were in Alfred Hitchcock's movie The Birds. Scary! They kept following me on my walk, swooping near my head as they flew across the street I was walking on. For an entire block, I kept trying to free myself of them, but they continued their caws and harassment, lunging over my head several times. They wanted to tell me something, but at first, I was too afraid to know. I thought of death.

A few days later, I looked up their meaning and found one that came the closest to what I had experienced on . It was actually an explanation for a sleeping dream, but this had not been a dream for me. I was actively awake. The website went on to say, "A crow chasing you means it is time to stop making bad decisions and running away from the consequences. It is time to come clean and be honest about your wrong doing so you no longer have to run away."

Oh boy! What did I have to face now? After a few more days of not thinking about it much, today is the day I am unraveling its meaning. I believe I was distracting myself and blocking my creativity by doing things that were not clearing my path or mind. I was starting to let my fear and lack of confidence interfere with what I loved and wanted for my life. Doubts were creeping in as I focused on other things and became somewhat aimless, ignoring the truth of what I really wanted and was about. The crows fought for my attention just long enough to make the importance of their message known. It had to be a little bit scary for me to notice.

"Get back on track. Get back on track. Get back to the writing, the website, the love. You have it in you. Do what you are meant to do. Don't lose sight of who you are in love." I imagine their caws to mean. Today, I take time to say thank you crows! I am grateful for them and the way the universe works through nature for valuable messages that we can understand when we take the time.

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