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Who am I? I thought back to my childhood and how I was then, but even as early as I can remember, I am sure I was running on subconscious programs and behaviors I had been “taught” would help me. Some issues, patterns and pain seem to go even further back before I have a reasonable explanation for my behavior. That is when I open to possibilities of retrieving valuable information and memories in the unconscious mind that will bring more awareness into my soul journey. It all provides understanding, compassion, and healing opportunities. And over the years as I ask who I am, I have had to release what I am not to find it.

When I am stripped to my core and feel as though I have nothing, those are the times when I can most accurately remember who I am. It is boundless, before and after this existence, and if I did not take the time to recognize those deep roots, problems could easily rule my life. It is my choice to stay focused on whatever is wrong or remember who I really am and the stability that brings. I have to forgive myself when I do not make a decision based in knowing this and instead let any distracting factor that presents itself send me back to a familiar pattern of reaction.

In the forgiveness found in my deeper self, there are resolutions that alone I could not have imagined. With vigilance and commitment to uncover and strengthen who I truly am, I find compassion for me and others. A small piece of me holds unto that, cherishes it, and attempts to nurture it into being a little more apparent in my life today. So who am I? The best response I have for that question is I am connection. And it is important to choose what I bring to and move through connection for all existence.

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