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Confusion is a Gift

The fog and mists of Neptune in a square to all of the planets that have been traveling through Sagittarius—in particular the Sun today—bring to mind questions, unclarity, and confusion. Confusion is a part of Neptune because she wants understanding and to make us aware of what needs to be addressed in order to achieve that. Pluto also lends a hand as he continues his trek through the last decan of Capricorn digging up what we have tried to leave buried and forgotten but still needs attention. When we have perceptions, beliefs or have been taught something that has been a part of us without our conscious choice, confusion comes in to let us know there are more lessons we need to learn and comprehend. The fog rolls in to prompt us to ask, “Where can I find truth, value, and meaning? Am I really living a life I want? Am I believing and perceiving the way I choose?”

Neptune steps in to clear a path. She questions and proclaims, “What did you want to focus on? What do you have the perseverance, stamina, and deep desire for receiving? Because whatever it is, be prepared to go through the clarification process. Whether you choose wealth, health, love, or peace, be prepared to learn what you need to recognize that in your life. Be wary of my mists, veils, and fog but also know that they are necessary components of wholeness, which is what I want to give to you. If you haven’t begun this clearing yet, get ready, for it will happen fast in the coming years. Your body has been loud and needy, but in your wholeness, you will always have what you need. If you can shift your perception to believe that, you will multiply whatever you appreciate, love, and focus on in your life. Without force, let your spirit speak. Let it unfold around you and form a warm, caring blanket of healing that you can carry with you wherever you go. Be patient as you tap in to clear the way and encourage others to do the same by your own endeavors.”

The Sun peaks through its cloudy blanket to say, “I am still here. You will be fine. My warmth and light will provide any needed breakthroughs as you remember your deepest, dreamiest, strongest sense of self. Even with a cloudy blanket, there will be reminders of truth and guidance in that direction.” We may wonder where our strongest selves are at this time, but Pluto in Capricorn is in the mix to help us out. Pluto offers his years of digging through the dirt to discover what will and won’t work any longer. He offers these treasures to Neptune to benefit the whole. “Here you go. Take them and spread them around to as many as possible.” He hands over his tangible, grounded, and conscious part knowing Neptune can carry awareness, compassion, and understanding forward into the collective.

If we can learn to accept all that the universe offers as beneficial tools, our lives can become much more meaningful and doable. We can see the purpose of confusion. We have an opportunity to shift our perception from what we once believed to something closer to the truth. Today, let’s appreciate the ambiguity of fogginess and begin the process of clarification knowing our individual clearing will benefit the whole.

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