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Be the Love You Wish to See in the World

Today, I feel the work of the Uranus/Saturn square beginning-well, continuing since its first square was in February this year. I think about what was brought to my attention back then. Anything causing instability and insecurity in my thoughts and feelings that may have begun to shake loose from my mind, environment, and the world as we know it.

As the 2nd exact square takes place June 14th, this tremor from February may strengthen if anything needing to be let go remains tightly gripped. As more thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and structures fall away, we can choose to allow doors to close that no longer serve our enlightened minds and bodies. We can choose to have faith that in this transitional phase, we may not see open doors just yet, but we will as we turn from the old to face and adjust to the new.

As we allow new thoughts to take hold and strengthen from a deeper place within-one that can weather the storms-shaky mental energies subside and wounds emerge for healing. We cry to release years of anger, frustration, and nonlove. This is a powerful energy that may feel new yet familiar because it is ancient. It has been dormant in our innate Self. With its return, the protection our fear provided is no longer required. We can thank it for doing what it was made to do over the past years but no longer can make choices based in its grips.

This is a process that may last through December as Uranus and Saturn square their final time this year that has evolutionary effects. What will we find after we shake loose from old ideas and paradigms, both personally and collectively? Power and strength that is built on character, integrity, love, and peace. We will open to a world where all are equal in love. We will honor and nurture the Earth, its people, and all that exists on it and around it, sending out vibrations in love, by love, and for love.

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